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    One of our "brethren's" recent hospital stays got me to thinking that even for couch potatoes like myself who go no further with sports than watching ice skating on TV, an important part of staying and getting fit is proper food selection & preparation for a healthy diet.

    How about expanding the fitness forum to include food topics - something like "Fitness, Food and Sports?"

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    Yeah, that's a great idea. Hopefully we have people on ABW with wise words and worldly nutritional experience to help out. Certainly not I. In the last couple hours I had probably a third to a half pound of dark chocolate covered raisins. Let's take the sweetest most sugary fruit of all (grapes), dry 'em out to remove the benefits of water, and drown 'em in super sweet chocolatey stuff. And oh yes, add some glaze that's made of who-knows-what synthesized matter. Mmmm, chemistry.

    Anyway, I second webworker's idea (as a potential leecher of knowledge on how not to destroy my body so quickly with the stuff that goes into it).

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