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    Redirecting with adwords, but no sales?
    I am new to the redirecting world. In fact I am not 100% sure this is truely redirecting. But what I did is...

    1. Found a good deal at Amazon (who I am an affiliate with). For this example we will pretend it is a digital camera and call the item Canon model XYZ.

    2. Set up a Google Adwords campaign.
    a. Ad says the item and model number in title. along with the exact price in the description.
    b. keywords i am using are "Canon", "Canon XYZ", "XYZ"
    c. set bid amounds to get me in the top 6 on the ads.

    3. Then i set the link of the ad to go to www.[mydomain].com/camera.html
    a. camera.html is a webpage with an iframe that points to the amazon page with my referal link.

    I am getting a lot of clicks, but no sales. Any suggestions? What am I doing wrong or what can I do to get some conversions?

    I can provide the exact page and more details, but it is against the forum rules to post links like that I think.

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    iframes can interfere with some affiliate tracking systems and they are barred from use by some merchants. i don't think amazon specifically mentions them in their terms, but rather they describe the permitted ways of linking, which don't include the use of frames / iframes (so you may be outside their TOS). adwords itself can be problematic when using frames because, depending on how they are used, they can obfuscate the true destination's domain name - if used to skirt AdWords ad double serving policy, you may get banned from adwords. reversing such a ban is extremely hard.

    i recommend you abandon iframes / frames for all your direct-to-merchant ppc.

    further, because the major search engines use relevance and quality of the landing page as factors that determine your position and click costs, you need to think about value. if you display the one product, as is, from amazon - you're not anymore valuable than amazon itself (in fact, you're less than amazon because they have so much more to offer) - either send them directly to amazon (sans iframe) or build an affiliate site that compares pricing for the "camera" from many sources. price comparison can be done using tools like GoldenCAN or PopShops. And in this case, my suggestion for a price comparison is just one idea for you to add value - think of more and put them into action. if they add real shopping value, the ppc engines will favor you in several ways that are significant.

    good luck.
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    i dont think your ad will last long with a good quality score. Google is all about user experience and you are providing a poor one.

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