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    January 18th, 2005
    How to conceal the affiliate ID in EZboard? for example i want to place an advertisement(from CJ) on an ezboard.....but i don't want my affiliate or link ID to be displayed.....(method OTHER than using javascript)because the ezboard don't accept this....


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    No offense but I am not sold on this idea. Ezboards is a cheap way to advertise and drive down stats for an Advertiser. Ad networks need to start charging publishers for ad serving costs if they drive lots of impressions and have a low EPM rate. Come to think of it parasite ware does just that.

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    I am not sure anyone here will halp you SPAM any board.

    You might try to get them to your website, then SPAM them there.


    In an effort to watch your cholesterol, you eat Spam Lite.

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    I once had a client who wanted me to interface an EZboard for his hair styling classes and salons. Worked great til they had to monitize it with ADnausium. He's no longer a client since he thought my work ..resulted in all those complaints. Turns out it was the link to EZboard's POPup hell and hidden installs of Gator and some dialers. Seems they went all out to penalize anyone posting their comments on those boards.

    WebMaster Mike

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