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    I was looking at the list of companies that Morpheus has affiliated with and saw that three of my clients were on that list. Does anyone know what name Morpheus uses when they sign up for affilaite programs? I want to let these companies know who they need to drop and ban. I would assume that they don't use "Morpheus" as their name when they sign up. Thanks

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    Hi and welcome to ABW.

    If they manually review sites, it would be as the web site. I don't know if they may use different affiliate names when joining programs.

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    They could sign up with any site, get approved for any particular merchants program, and then "add sites" to their account as needed.

    Look at their homepage and see that they have multiple PID's in action even for same merchants links in some cases.

    Sure, CJ or any particular merchant could 'drop' accounts associated with any particlur PID, but then all Morpheus would need to do is switch to another PID.

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