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    Why was my thread closed?
    I read the rules pretty thoroughly here:

    I posted a question with no URLS except one URL to my homepage showing how my American Idol Underground Affiliate membership was mysteriously gone from CJ.

    It was a pure URL with no affiliate codes attached or anything. My issue was very legitimate.

    I tried to login to ABW yesterday and it informed me that I was banned. I emailed the Administrator and asked why.

    I went in this morning and noticed I had access restored. So I went to my original thread to post some updates I received from CJ about the problem.

    But I noticed that my thread was closed and my post was erased, with the reason: "Doesn't know how to read the rules."

    I am totally cool with being educated on this. So could someone explain to me the possible reason for this ban?

    The rules ACTUALLY state that it is okay to have a regular URL, but no affiliate URLs. The tone of my post was clear that I wasn't trying to trick people into clicking on any affiliate links or anything. I have a hard time believing many on this site would be interested in a songwriting blog in the first place. Am I missing something?

    Thanks in advance for your help,

    (edited out sig)
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    Sigs come with time, there are no manual added sigs, those will be removed. Yours was edited out and then you went back over a mod's edit and put it back in. You can post about the problem with the CJ merchant again in the CJ forum without the link drops except to the merchant you're having an issue with.
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