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    Wow! Neat change to eBay's Ts & Cs
    Received this email:

    On March 8, 2007, is updating the Special Terms & Conditions. The new Special Terms & Conditions will only contain one change and that is in regards to item 5, Affiliate Links. The wording will read as follows:

    5) Affiliate Links. You may use affiliate links to promote your own eBay listings or eBay Store, those of your Agents or those of anyone else with whom you are affiliated. eBay may terminate this provision at any time with 7 days notice.

    (a) You may not include affiliate links on any page or eBay-owned page, such as an eBay listing or eBay Store.

    Please note that: 1) Program terms with the new Special Terms & Conditions will automatically take effect on March 8th. If you reach any Performance Incentives in March, these will be manually calculated at month’s end thus acceptance of these new terms will not affect Performance Incentive payouts. 2) Publishers do not need to take any steps to move to the new program terms containing the updated Special Terms & Conditions, and 3) If the Special Terms & Conditions are not agreeable to you, then you are required to proactively end your affiliate relationship with eBay via the CJ Account Manager interface.

    eBay and Commission Junction are very excited with this change and feel that this will provide an additional avenue of success for publishers.


    The Affiliate Team
    Until now, I've only promoted my own eBay auctions on a separate site without the affiliate coding. Pretty awesome that I can now add the affiliate coding to that site.

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    Yeah I read that too, could work out well...
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