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    January 18th, 2005
    Thank you Linkshare:)
    Thank you very much Linkshare
    I know you guys probably hear complaints more than nice things.......but you've gone and done something that really makes me happy.

    "Creative will only be active from 12:00 AM on the Start Date through 11:59 PM GMT on the End Date as specified by the merchant for the creative. During all other times, the click through will be redirected to the Merchant's Default Landing Page."

    Valid between 27-Feb-2007 - 01-Mar-2012

    First I thought maybe it was just one of my merchants who decided to make my day lol but have been checking a bunch of em and seeing it with all of em. It is soooooo nice having links that I know now if they're current instead of guessing if they've expired or when their expiration date is.....
    So....... Thank you, thank you, thank you. Appreciate this very much.

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    February 8th, 2006
    You're right, this is now for all merchants. Its been something I have been asking for for years, and discussing at affiliate advisory board. in the past, I have even suggested it to merchants that they include the end date in the offer description, and some of them have done it.

    Its one of the easiest things a merchant can do, but it makes their program much more attractive to affiliates. Especially seasonal stuff.

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    It's wonderful, except for the GMT part. All links will quit working 4-8 hours before they're supposed to (depending on the merchant's time zone and DST).

    Some merchants will figure this out and work around it by entering 4/1 for things that expire on 3/31, which will create confusion.

    I'd much rather see them take the time to implement something correctly rather than just throw it out with major problems like this.

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    definately a feature that will help affiliates..
    Ma, where the beer? :escape:

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    Looks like Brian has started a "add tools" trend across the networks
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    Yes, and I had a bunch of links go away for one of my programs at LS. I checked the website, and had trouble with navigation (just a tough site!) and so I emailed the AM - HE WAS GREAT! He gave me text links and I got pics & the new links are up and generating clicks!


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