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    Anyone having any luck with Newport Nautical?

    I send them lots of Targeted Search Engine traffic and nada for commish!

    Time to let em go me thinks.

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    Don't think anybody is having luck with them, it's been over half a year since anybody has sent them a sale:

    Last Commissionable Transaction through Affiliate: 08/22/2006 07:52.05 PM

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    Is this the same parent company that owns Black Forest Decor?

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    I'm the owner of Newport Nautical Decor and am not affiliated with Black Forest Decor. I am taking care of the affiliate program myself instead of having an employee in charge of it. The reason is that it should be going a lot better. I apologize if you did not have luck with our program. I will look into the possibility of any problems but we have had some commission payments but just not that many. I do wish that you contacted us if you thought there was a problem, but I do understand your concerns. Like I said, I will take care of everything on my own now. That's one reason I just joined abestweb

    fyi, we are getting a lot of sales and adding a lot of very nice products. Right now bedding is selling very well. We had 5 orders this week ranging from $280-$1200.

    Thank you,

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