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    Google - The AOL of our generation?
    Very interest post from Sam Harrelson's Blog - Cost Per News

    The idea of going to a specific “search engine” or “search site” in a few years will seem as stupid as dialing in to an AOL server to get on the internets. We’re going to be talking about “the good old Google days” soon enough.

    Google is our generation’s AOL, I fear.
    Full Article here -
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    Whatever I said there

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    I think different search engines may go in and out of popularity.
    Once upon a time in the early to mid 90s Alta Vista was "king."

    Google not only has a longstanding reputation, its name is cute, clever, and easy to remember.
    I think there will always be a "Big 3" search engine list but who knows which engine will be bumped into favor?
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    I'm not convinced search engines in general will go out of style. Google may or may not stay popular (though they've got a large enough nest egg to stay competitive for quite some time...), but I don't think the SE concept is going any where.

    Connecting to the internet via an ISP hasn't gone disappeared. People just realized that AOL was too expensive, provided a bulky interface that sucked your resources, and was obnoxious to use. That, and they jumped on broadband a bit late...

    I think Google's business structure is much stronger than AOL's has ever been. They'll be around in one capacity or another for some time yet. Just because other resources such as Wikipedia allow for quality researching links doesn't eliminate (or even greatly diminish) the need to index the different web sites that are tied into the internet.
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