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    Join Program Error
    I'm unable to join any programs as there is a javascript error which I click it after using the "View and Search Merchant List" feature. I can not open the page in a new window by right clicking either as it is a javascript window. using IE 6.1 - I might try firefox now...

    damn, it won't let me login using firefox, must be because I'm already logged in using IE.

    ok I managed to find a work around for now and that is by going to the merchant description and there is a "join Program" link there that works.

    update: well it was a waste of time anyway, I joined tahoe mountain sports but their datafeed has not been updated for over 3 years (2004), another reason why we should be able to see the datafeed before we join the merchant.

    I'm looking for a winter sports , snow & ice products if anyone can tell me where I can get a good datafeed for this type of merchant. I can't see anymore on Shareasale so I would have to look else where.
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    another reason why we should be able to see the datafeed before we join the merchant
    Yes we should. I figured out a trick for that though. Although the new javascript window setup for the preview made me have to save the URL when I used to be able to just copy it from one of my merchants.[merchant_id]

    That will give you the preview.
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