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    Must I get paid when I accumulate to $50?
    Hello guys,
    Many affiliate system won't pay me untill I accumulate certain amount of dollars say $50 or $200.
    I don't think that is good way to make money, If I only get $40, I never get paid. how could that be!!!

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    With networks that aggregate earnings, it's fairly easy to hit a figure like $50 (if you get to $40 with a network, $50's almost a sure bet). If one merchant in the network stops performing, just pick up another one or several from the same network, and all the commission goes into your account.

    But with indies (non-network merchants) or non-aggregating networks, yeah, it can be a problem.

    Watch out for any place where the bar is too high, even if it is a network. For instance, that $200 sounds unreasonable to me.
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    Keep at it!
    Leader is right!

    The money owing to you will roll over each month, until you accumulate the minimum threshold, so no need to worry about it expiring or something. Hang in there, it won't take long if you don't give up!
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    Affiliate programs do this to reduce expenses involved in making payments. That's not the same thing as holding onto your money; it's reducing the number of small transactions.

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    i still have like $70 with an Indy for the past year. I think the bar is at $80 so it's been tough breaking through

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    I think $50 is a reasonable amount. Higher than that, well, it seems too high to me.

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