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    Batch Search/Replace/Rename Programs?
    Does anyone know of a batch search and replace program that will replace a text string in all subfolders to the directory name of the file?

    I have found one that 'renames the file' based on a search and replace with a <DirName> tag to signifty the file's parent directory name.

    But I want to replace within the content of the file in this manner.

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    I didn't quite understand that...But for mass search and replace within files, the program I live by is Actual Search and Replace,

    I use it when developing a new phpBB skin and have to make a change through all of the template files. It has single line, multiline and regex search and replace.

    And I just use it in general for mass changing within files.

    I may have misunderstood what I actual understood from your post.

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    That's the type of program I am looking for. And that looks good.

    I am looking for one that has the ability to use the 'parent directory name' as the 'replace value'.

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