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    Article: Blogs are Journalistic Parasites
    This article came in one the newletters I got today and I thought it was interesting. Nothing new at all, but a fun argument to have none-the-less.

    When I used to work for newspapers, journalists would complain about this all the time, but when you'd ask them if they still felt that way if you got your topics from the same sources they got theirs and just had the chance to publish it first, they normally backed down or just got pissed and walked away.
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    People who can't adapt to a changing technical environment typically lash out against those that are breaking new grounds. Whether it's union workers afraid of losing their jobs to machines that can do the same work in half the time, or print journalists afraid that their content is getting more publicity elsewhere.

    They obviously don't have a legal backing for suing for illegally using copyrighted material, so they throw around mean words such as "parasitic" in describing bloggers. It's a rather uneducated position. Have your own blog where you discuss the issues raised in your article more candidly than you can do in print. And provide a reference to the URL in your sig line in all your reports. Embrace what people want to see, don't fight against it!
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