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Thread: Thanking Malcolm:)

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    Thanking Malcolm:)
    Malcolm's already been thanked and told his ears are gonna be burning....but just wanted to post this for everybody else to know, too.

    I had posted before that from a podcast I listened to it seemed as though they were very affiliate friendly......can definitely say it's not seemed....they definitely without a doubt are very affiliate friendly.

    I seem to now and then have a problem with emails getting to me (think an aol problem) so I never did receive a welcome email. Seems I may have jumped the gun and used an offer banner that I shouldn't have yet so it was coming up with an error page. Couldn't figure out why that was happening. I didn't deal with any of the tech support people.....dealt with the big guy himself Malcolm and I have been emailing back and forth and today chatted while on icq. He logged into the system and we recreated me placing the banner on my site and were able to tell what the problem was. He's been corresponding with me while he's been on the train...on the weekend....and this evening his time. Never once made me feel as though the problem was my fault, never felt like I was talking to some biggie that didn't want to be bothered with my problem and when I suggested talking to the support people to find out the problem....nope he wanted to personally take care of it.

    So....Malcolm's ears gotta really be burnin by now.
    Anybody who may not be familiar with give em a try. They really, really go out of their way to help and make things right. Could go on talking for a long time but don't wanna bore all of ya to death. lol Ooops forgot, too. I'm not one of the "biggie affiliates" so I wasn't getting this special treatment because of it. Thanking Malcolm again for all his help and being sooooo nice

    Did also in the beginning correspond with somebody named Sammy since I received a newsletter but didn't know I had been approved. He took care of all of that, too. So....everybody has gone out of their way to be helpful and extremely nice, too. Ya get the idea I like these guys yet?? lol

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    Wow thanks purplebear I have gone red lol :-)

    Looking forward to helping you grow into one of the " biggies " :-))

    Thanks for the compliments

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    Looking forward to being part of your network, too and I warned ya you'd be turning red. lol
    You're quite welcome. It's nice being able to let people know about really great experiences with a network cos unfortunately a lot of affiliates don't experience them. the good guys deserve to be bragged on when they are

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