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    Wish Linkshare's dates were up-to-date
    I'm looking at many of the Linkshare links that give this notice:
    Creative will only be active from 12:00 AM on the Start Date through 11:59 PM GMT on the End Date as specified by the merchant for the creative. During all other times, the click through will be redirected to the Merchant's Default Landing Page.
    Okay, fair enough but across many of my affiliate programs only February is specified as valid. When are the dates given for the current month?

    This is March!!
    Why are the dates given invalid?
    Valid between : 26-Feb-2007 - 27-Feb-2012
    Why haven't the dates been updated for March?
    When will the dates be updated for March?
    If the dates have not been updated, can the merchants realistically wonder where's the traffic?
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    Those are start and ending dates. I wouldn't put too much into those dates, it's kind of a joke as I pointed out in another thread. Copy and paste from that thread:

    I just logged in to check it out. Here's an example of the impending mess:

    Gardener's Supply Company - Save 10% on orders of $75 or more!
    (10% off $75 - expires 52705)Valid between 27-Feb-2007 - 01-Mar-2012

    See something wrong with that link? It expired almost 2 years ago (bolded), doesn't work. And now they add the valid dates, which are wrong. It's a dead link. So just made a bigger mess, especially for merchants who could never keep their creative up to date.

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    Okay, I'll admit at first glance I didn't look at the years:
    Valid between : 26-Feb-2007 - 27-Feb-2012
    In terms of years it would be valid

    The entire notice is comical if fresh creatives span the years

    It would be nice to have new creatives on a quarterly basis.
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