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    Anybody hear about US and British forces attacking an airport this AM there in southern Iraq?

    I just heard it on CNN but no further info is available.


    Found a feed on AP site

    Iraq: U.S. Strikes Civilian Airport

    BAGHDAD, Iraq (AP) — Iraq said an allied airstrike early Thursday hit its civilian airport in the southern port city of Basra. The announcement did not mention casualties.

    A Pentagon official confirmed there was a strike early Thursday, but had no other details.

    Iraq quickly condemned the strike.

    ``This terrorist act is a breach of international civilian aviation regulations,'' an announcer on Iraq's state-owned satellite channel said.

    The announcer said the attack targeted the airport's radar system and that the terminal building also was damaged. No further details were immediately announced.

    The United States and Britain have patrolled zones in northern and southern Iraq since the 1991 Gulf War, declaring the areas off limits to Iraqi aircraft to protect Kurds in the north and Shiites in the south. The allies say they do not target civilians, but respond when Iraqi military radar lock onto their fighter planes.

    Wednesday, U.S. defense officials announced a double strike at two southeastern installations. Precision-guided weapons were aimed at a radar facility near Al Amarah about 165 miles southeast of Baghdad and a defense communications facility at Tallil, about 170 miles southeast of the capital, according to a statement from the U.S. Central Command in Florida.

    The statement did not say how effective the strike was, only that damage assessment was ongoing.

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    Looks like they saw a radar and decided to bomb they hell out of it anyway.

    There's a news story here.

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    It's funny. The Canadian News Networks are all carrying it but there's little to no information on the American Chanels.

    Odd that there's no details -- geez, we usually have a live video feed or something similar.

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    I seem to remember some news coverage a couple of weeks ago about a shift in Pentagon policy on protecting the no fly zones. That they were going to start being more proactive and target radars and such instead of just firing when they were fired on. Supposedly for more protection of the flyers. I kind of read between the lines for it to mean that they were basically starting to do a bit a prep work for full blown military action which appears will happen sometime down the road. I remember that decision getting quite a bit of press coverage.

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    The story of two weeks ago was that they were going to target different things. Before, they hit the radars and launchers, now they are going to target stuff higher up the chain, like admin buildings.

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