Ok, whatever CMO lets his/her department get away without providing a true metric is first off a shmuck and second of all probably should not be in his or her position. If the company cannot prove any success or metrics or agree on one, and the CMO gives them money. Again, he or she should be fired.

I am just wondering what the heck kind of companies are that disorganized and what marketing department could actually be like this. No reporting no solid metrics. And when they mention that there are none, that is bullcrap because there are plenty of metrics. Pick the ones most relevant.

Like how many clicked to conversions you got instead of how many opened and clicked. Or even, open to conversions, then show the increase and decreases per a certain time period. Maybe I am misunderstanding this article but it is really bugging me. What a dissorganized group of companies and what an idiot CMO.