This from the back page of of the August issue of Consumer Reports where they have the funny/strange ads & whatnot...

"Video for voyeurs

'Burglars, thieves, mischievous kids? Catch them on tape!' So read an ad for X10's wireless video camera that popped up as we began an online search. The ad's presence is bothersome enough. But this ad and others from X10 also suggest (wink, wink) that the camera's owner might want to shift focus from burglars to half-naked women. 'Think of Everything You Could See with an XCam2,' says a second ad, featuring a woman's naked back. 'See What You've Been Missing,' says a third, whose image alternates between a covered porch and a partially uncovered blonde. The ads pop up on various sites and are hard to miss. Data show that about 38 percent of the web's entire U.S. audience - or more than 44 million people - saw at least one of the ads in April 2000 alone.
The X10 company web site defends the 'pop-under' ads:'Please try to understand that this type of advertising is what keeps the Internet enjoyable as it pays for operational costs behind the sites you enjoy visiting for free.'
Does it defend peeping at women? We asked Jeff Denenholz, director of public relations for X10 Wireless Technology, how many buyers of the XCam2, selling for $79.99 as of June, use the camera that way. 'You'll never get me in a million years to comment on that,' he said. 'It is designed for fun and low-cost monitoring.' The company's web site claims that a '"post-order" customer survey showed that only 1% of our customers had any intention at all of "spying" on anyone.' If the company has sold 100,000 XCam2s (it won't reveal actual sales figures), that would mean a mere 1,000 snoops on the loose." - Free and cheap phone services.