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    i just want to know as whether Softwares such as WebPosition Gold, Add Web Pro, SubmitWolf etc. really work.

    i mean does these programs benefit a Webmaster in promoting their websites.

    Thanks in advance

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    Be very careful using these products. You can be quickly banned from a search engine by using them.


    Time to Worry, Mama. Things are about to get FREAKY!

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    Programs that promise to submit your site to a zillion directories are seldom a very effective way to spend your marketing money, and they cause your mailbox to get flooded with spam (so if you experiment with them, do NOT use your main email address). WPG can give you useful ideas, but you must be careful to incorporate their suggestions your own way, because some search engines try to filter out pages that were obviously created with WPG. I own a copy of WPG and haven't used it for months.

    Prepare your site well, submit it to the main search engines, and start looking around for other sites who might like your content and would be willing to link to you. Some people would even advise to not bother submitting to the search engines and invest your efforts in link development, because if others are linking to you the engines will find you anyway.

    There are no short cuts. The folks around here who are successful marketers have generally either been at it for a couple of years, or else had a strong base of previous web experience in other areas.

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    I have just made a Forum in my Website and im planning of joining Affiliate Program of

    I have also heard about want to have start somewhere.

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    Webposition doesn't work for me, but there are those who swear by it. They've been around for quite sometime now though. I still subscribe to their Marketposition newsletter.

    I think it would be more productive of your time buidlding more pages rather that tweaking and tweaking it [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_razz.gif[/img]

    More pages = More $$

    Anyway you must definitely join CJ. They are a pretty good network.

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    Hi all

    I tried using some of these search engine positioning tools. One of which was ROIbot, and all I an say is be careful with them. All they did was post me to free for all link pages. Mainly all I got was emails from the owners of the pages complaining that I was not the type of site they wanted, or an email saying they had closed their link page because of junk submissions. One site I have used before was It helps you manually add your site to about 20 - 30 smaller search engines.

    hope that helps


    Jeff Werner
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