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    CJ'S Tracking Code.
    Maybe somehere can explain CJ'S tracking code. I click on any link from my Shareasale merchants and can see my pid in the browser. With CJ all I see is numbers that don't contain my pid. How do I know these clicks are being credited to me?

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    The standard CJ link looks like this:


    The first number is your publisher ID, the second is a link ID that belongs to the merchant.

    But if you selected "Encrypt link?" when creating the link, it will look like this:


    The URL you see in your browser after you have clicked on the link will depend on the merchant's site. Sometimes you can still see your ID, sometimes you can't.
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    When you click through to a merchant's landing page, you should see two things in the URL stream: an AID= and PID=.

    If you opt to "hide" this information, you can do so by checking this option (a check box) in CJ before copying and pasting the code into your site. Did you check that box? If so, the CJ server will still be called but the AID and PID will not reveal themselves.

    Here is the "Anatomy" of a CJ Link:

    "Anatomy" of a CJ JAVASCRIPT Link:

    Hope this helps and good luck!

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    Thanks to kmacbc for the CJ links 101 tutorial page. Good Stuff!
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    Thanks for the info kmacbc.

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