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    The way forward in trying to alert the merchants is not going to be easy. Even if we are successful there is still the matter of our referral IDs being overwritten by the scumware.

    My approach would therefore be via our visitors. So far we can alert them to scumware via the detect.js script. This is not good enough as it remains an alert and nothing more.

    What we need is a button for the user to click on to remove the offending files.

    Now of course that means a signed script (ActiveX?) and some investment in time from the likes of Cusimano or

    I already pay for scripts on my site, I would be prepared to pay a licence fee to use a professional, signed script that can remove offending files (or just the dll) from users browsers.

    Fortunately I am not overly exposed to scumware due to my choice of merchants, but I do have a very high number of visitors and it would give me LOADS of pleasure in seeing the scumware zapped.

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    Good idea, but sounds tricky.

    It's simpler to have a link to AdAware or Aluria (an affiliate link maybe). Of course, someone like Aluria could always look at writing a browser-based util (hint).

    Personally I have zero problem with keeping scumware-infested PCs off my key pages.. bandwidth costs me money.

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    Tricky yes - but if the orginal user can download scumware which carries the shoping program payload, they surely we can create a download that knocks out these parasites.

    In fact all we need is permission to carry out commands like this "%WinDir%\SYSTEM\regsvr32.exe" /u "%WinDir%\SYSTEM\mbho.dll". Providing we can get an appropriate security certificate that will allow these commands to be run on someones computer, then bye bye scumware!

    'I am not young enough to know everything.'
    - Oscar Wilde

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