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    Advise - please.
    I have recently added Amazon links to some books which I recommend on my site and I have set up an astore too with a lot of books relevant to my visitors.

    I am a little despondent as I have only got 2 orders in the two weeks that it has been operating. However, those same pages are getting more visitors than usual which is good. With the order which I do have I notice that one of the items are not expected to be dispatched for about 4 weeks which would account for why I have no earnings 2 weeks after the order was placed. However, the other item seems to be available to be shipped straight away. If they were on the same order would Amazon wait until both items were shipped before putting the earnings into my account?

    I will be working on providing more reviews of the books which I recommend and generally adding more and better content to the site.

    I get about 350 visitors to the site per day. The figure will rise as I add new and improved content but how much can somebody expected to sell from a site such as this. At present I focus on the topics Romans and Celts. On an internet search on these terms together I come up second on the internet after the BBC. On a search on the Celts only I come up on the first page.

    Any help appreciated. Thank you.

    Nigel Cross

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    As an update:

    I have now received the commission from the items ordered which have now been despatched - ahead of the time which they gave. So all is good there and I feel a little better about that.


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    As you probably noticed, Amazon divides reports into orders and earnings. There are a variety of factors that determine when orders are shipped and reported in earnings. Just to name a few:

    (1) Even though the item says it is available for immediate shipment, if the customer selects the Free Shipping option when they order more than $25, Amazon won't necessarily ship immediately. Some times it is several days before they ship. Amazon will ship immediately if the customer chooses to pay the shipping charges.

    (2) Customers can select whether or not they want Amazon to hold in-stock items if other items are not available for several weeks, or they may elect to have the items shipped separately.

    (3) If the customer uses an invalid credit card to pay for the order, the order will show up in your "orders" section, but because the card was declined, will never ship. It happens.

    (4) After the order has been placed, the customer may cancel the order.

    So, over time, you may notice that some of the items people order don't get shipped and credited to your earnings section.

    Sounds like as your traffic grows, your orders and commissions will grow too.

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    Also, Amazon probably also has items in other stores besides its bookstore that might be relevant for you: Celtic music, clothes, etc. If it makes sense, you might do well to link to those as well.

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