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    Promote the store or their products

    I have a pretty successful site (traffic wise) for it's niche. It is ranked very well for a couple of top keywords and is drawing relatively a lot of traffic. Even traffic that doesn't come from the main keywords is still targeted and reflects people looking for something to buy.

    I've signed up with several affiliate programs but I am in a dilemma if I should promote the merchant's store (what exactly does it sell, promotions, etc...) or promote the products themselves and only mention the store name near the link.

    Up until now I've used the former (promote the stores) and although people are clicking and moving over the merchant's store, they simply don't buy. Also, only about 15% end up clicking. How does that number sound to you?

    I am trying to think if this is my fault (by "not warming them up" with product photos and descriptions) or maybe the merchant's store for not being able to convert. What do you think?

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    i think it really depends on YOUR site. If your site is content based, lets say a news site for example maybe promoting the store would be better. If you have a niche site about car electronics and you have a merchant selling high end car radios, maybe promoting the products themselves would be more successful.

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