It's sad to see merchants only looking for short term gains rather than long ones. With all this mess with Parasites we can finally see their true colors. Merchants still deciding to side with Morhpheus have to look into the future. It's been proven and they have admitted stealing commissions once, all merchants know this as a fact. It's been shown that they did it again, by ABW members and other merchants, although some can't reproduce the same results. But all merchants know for a fact that they have redirected links and that should tell them all they need to know about them. Mike brings up a good point about the porn, warez, and other stuff being distributed thru their network. A lot of merchants still associated them derive the most sales from their brick and mortar stores. More damage would be done being associated with Buyersport than dropping them completely. Theres alot of heat on them and other parasites, from us from stealing commissions, from the record industry etc. NY Times cover story could be just the beginning. What are you going to do if it ever made national news. Have your spin doctors ready. Image is important for long term growth. Why do you think Amazon dropped them? They get all their sales online so they made the smart move. You can like them or hate them but they are the biggest. They got that way by making smart decisions. If merchants can't think for themselves, let Amazon think for you, just follow there moves. Hopefully they will remain this way, because they have just about everything, so losing a few merchants who still want to associate with parasites will be ok. And it is about sides, parasites who have admittedly stolen from us and whose software helps distribute porn, copyrighted material etc. If thats who you want to be with, thats your poor short term bad decision to make. I'm also curious as to why these networks haven't dropped them? They clearly have violated the TOS. Does this TOS go out the window once you bring in a certain amout of money? Your actions say yes. If it was one of us breaking the rules we would be out. It's good to see some merhchants making the right move for long term growth.

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