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    Affiliate ID not showing in links
    Hi, I have been with GoldenCan for a few weeks. I have 3 web sites with 444 Multiple Merchants on each site. This mornig I decided to check my links and NONE of my ID's was showing in the links. I emailed GoldenCan about nine hours ago asking them to check this out right away and get back to me.

    About an hour later a few stores had my ID in them and the rest have the wrong ID. I still have not heard back from GoldenCan. Has anyone else had this problem and is there any way to check my ID's other then clicking on a few hundred stores? Is there a software program that will do this. Should I be concerned or is this a fluke


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    Hi Rick,
    Your email was received and you will get a reply back. We do our best to reply back to all emails ASAP.

    About your concern in the links.

    Your affiliate id is stored in the GoldenCAN system when you create the store. Your affiliate id will not appear in the one line code generated by the GoldenCAN. your affiliate id will not be visible in the links generated by GoldenCAN either.

    GoldenCAN will insert your affiliate id in the links when a user clicks on the link to go to merchant site.

    Depending on how the merchant website is setup some time you will see your affiliate id in the link after landing to the merchant site but most of the time your affiliate does not show even at the merchant site. eBags is an example of the merchant where you can see your affiliate id in the link when you go to eBags site.

    If you generate some clicks using GoldenCAN store you can check the network reports to make sure that your clicks are reported. please remember that network reports can be delayed several hours.

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    Hi Asif,

    Thanks for clearing that up. I was concerned because I couldn't see my ID# and after 2 months, no sales. :>( I guess I need a lot of SEO help


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