So…how long we have to wait before every website of weight or community has his own download tool for a better experience.?
Imagine thousands of different BHO al fighting out there to…yes to do what…
Its time for the Networks (please together…) to develop their own BHO, where merchants can feed “the so needed “sales pitches”, coupons or whatever deals, and where the publishers/affiliates get credited as before.
Everyone on the right corner of each website a download icon for this new shopping helper, and within 1 month we have a funeral for Buyersport et al.
Next to that the Networks should buy space on the download facilities already out there, to speed up the process.

But until that time, I for one say dump the networks who are supporting BHO driven affiliates, as it seems they are in no way a “trusted second or third” party.
P. [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_razz.gif[/img]