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    A nice Web 2.0 primer
    Found this site and thought it was a good "primer" for folks looking to start a 2.0 website.


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    Quote Originally Posted by beachcom
    Found this site and thought it was a good "primer" for folks looking to start a 2.0 website.

    Thanks, Joey -- there are many good tips there!
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    Primer Part 2
    Since O'Reilly came up with the marketing term "web 2.0", I thought it fitting to include their rather lengthy description of "what" web 2.0 is.

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    I took a look at this site and couldn't believe some of the stuff I saw in it.

    Centered versus full screen sites blech. I much prefer to see sites using the full screen with no wasted space. Centered sites just have too much wasted space.

    Large fonts to me just seems to say you don't have much to say. Some of the sites I've seen lately their fonts were way too big like they were trying to push it in front of your face. Especially things like tags which are not a great importance to visitors IMO

    I cannot imagine only using two columns on a site, gots to be 3 at a bare minimum otherwise it just feels too narrow. This also lets you get more stuff above the fold which is golden.

    I absolutely detest top navs, much prefer left hand navigation. To me top navigation is too in your face. Navigation should be like children, seen but not heard.

    I do agree with using color for your sections as long as there is not too much white space *shiver* It is especially bad to see white space on the left and right sides with nothing in them. Make use of all the space you have.

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    Quote Originally Posted by beachcom
    Found this site and thought it was a good "primer" for folks looking to start a 2.0 website.

    This is a helpful URL, but I wouldn't call it a primer for "web 2.0". I don't like to perpetuate the idea that if a site looks "web 2.0" it is. To me it's much more about the interactivity of the site. According to the original definition of "web 2.0" a site needs to work as a platform for users to collect information and easily distribute it while maintaining ownership of the content they provide. Just because you have a snazzy design with some AJAX, gradients and rounded corners it's not necessarily "web 2.0".

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    I still don't get the hype. I was doin' web 2.0 way back when I was 5 or six. I would use me some markers and make me some cool gradients. Never liked them sharp edge so I'd keep cutting them off until I had rounded corners. And from the marker mess my mom would make me scrub down the work area with ajax.

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    You can check if your site is really Web 2.0 with this validator

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    Thanks for that site Donk...I score 11 out of 66...what a useless test!
    Jason Rosenbaum
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