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    Landing Pages vs. natural pages?

    We currently have our CJ-run affiliate program sending all clicks- both leads and sales- to individual landing pages. I'm curious to know if we should be sending them to the deeplinked page within our marketing website, instead.

    For example, our flagship product, iHOUSE Websites:

    Affiliate test drive landing page:

    Affiliate purchase landing page:

    "Natural" page:


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    Yes, send them to your deeplinked product page, which should also be designed as a landing page.

    I didn't look at your various pages, but my rule of thumb is:

    Always send the customer to a page that "sells" what the customer was looking for, and which allows the customer to buy it.

    Some folks think a "landing page" means an "intermediate page" with some information but which requires the customer to click further to get to the "purchase page" or to get information many customers will want to see before buying. I think that's silly.

    I also think that by using the term "landing page," you may be distracting yourself from the goal, which is to sell your product or service.

    In most cases, your regular product page should serve well as the primary landing page for your the most important keywords.

    However, there are many reasons why you might create multiple "product pages" for a single product, with each page presenting a slightly different message for a slightly different audience. For example, if you offer educational materials, you might design one product/landing page for teachers, another for parents, and another for students. If you sell musical instruments, you might create one product-page format for beginners and possibly a different layout for experienced or professional musicians.

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