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    Post Heads Up Merchants and Networks (Media Traffic)
    Media Traffic has been doing quite a bit of promotion in the affiliate marketing world. They have a software application called Vomba. Their business model is like Zango, in that they sell ad inventory to whoever for display through their software as contextual pop-ups. They say they have 7 million installs currently but appear to be launching an affiliate program this month, so I'd except to see installation base increase when that is launched.

    They are also the same folks as Integrated Search Technology (IST) of such lovely adware as ISTBar, Slotch, SideFind and some porn toolbars. There is quite a long history for IST.

    They are marketing to affiliates for ad campaigns. And I've already reported on several affiliates force clicking through Vomba targeting merchant's domains (including their shopping carts). Some of these have not been the usual Zango user suspects.

    Oh and TRUSTe, in their infinite wisdom, has certified Vomba in their white list. I have a detailed write up of this whole mess on my blog.

    So merchants and networks keep an eye out in your traffic for affiliates who are force clicking through Vomba (I haven't found one yet that even bothers to pop their affiliate site, they are just plugging in their affiliate URL as the pop-up URL). Watch for the all the red flags that come with affiliates doing contextual popping.

    And for those Merchants who are buying ads themselves through Media Traffic......shame on you and stop being part of the problem. I'd say you deserve to have affiliates pop on your shopping cart, except it would over writing the tracking for legit affiliates who know how to do real marketing.

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    IST/Slotch BHO ad whores slipped on a new dress (actually like 7 new dresses) and they're trying to pretty themselves up and get busy pimping / competing with Zango, only this whore's Canadian and can break dates with the FTC a little easier than Zango. And to top it off, they convinced TrustE to slap a sticker on her butt saying she goes to church and doesn't do despicable acts for a buck or two - how stupid is this going to make TrustE's certification "standards" look in the press!!!

    While I think this is, by far, the worst news story in our industry that I've heard this year, but I am thankful that Kellie has brought it to us. Traffic Media was at Affiliate Summit, I had no idea who they were, but stayed away anyhow. Now, I find out they're IST/Slotch spyware people, putting on some sheeps clothing and fooling TrustE and bringing their shitware to the masses - arghhhhhh!

    Merchants / AMs / OPMs - look for thise names - vomba, traffic media and a dozen others they use... thieves are among us, and they're growing in numbers!!!

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    Thank you Kellie for the alerts. You are one OK Cajun!!

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    I will look them up. I have a computer that was killed by a forced installation of Slotch slimeware. If they are at Summit East I will make sure to bring them a bill. I still have that computer and it still has their software on it that completely took it over and made it unusable.

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    Just another unethical Adwhore cookie stuffing outfit seeking the scumbags of the affiiate infestation world. Would be nice to track which CPA network (heaven forbid a real network) will run a smoke screen cover for them.
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    Thanks Kellie, can always count on you to watch our backs!
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    a porn toolbar?????

    uh... what's the url again?

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    thanks for this post we were considering using them.

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    Search on their address - "3300 Cote-Vertu, Suite 406" very not safe for work. Added bonus they also own(ed) an RX site...

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    I wonder what % of affiliate commissions are stolen by these toolbar/cookie stealing companies? Not that a low percentage would stop me from hating them.

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