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    Question Merchants who we think don't track sales.
    Hi All,

    There was/is a heated thread in which some people think that CJ isn't crediting sales for certain people. Everyone has their theories. My question is this...

    Which merchants do you think are currently not tracking sales.

    I emphasize the word *think*. I don't want this to be a fight or a smear campaign toward merchants. I just want people to provide input and be mature about it.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Core
    Which merchants do you think are currently not tracking sales.
    "Currently" makes that a tough question, as if I believed any weren't tracking sales, I wouldn't currently be promoting them...
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    Its hard to point a finger to the currents ones. but say, those in a the past few years, i have encountered a few.

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    You're better off making a test purchase and seeing if it tracks. If you have to follow up with an email asking for commission that didn't track (cough...cough... GoDaddy....cough cough), then you know that merchant isn't worth promoting. Especially if they never even reply to your email (cough...cough... HotelClub...cough....cough).

    There are plenty of great merchants and AMs who reply within minutes or hours - such as Andrea at Rugman, and Erik at FairFieldResorts, and Justin at JensonUSA... and the list goes on and on...

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    My theory is that they install a script that "turns on" during a certain time of the day. This is the only way they could do it without it being "found out."

    I also think maybe that an employee who has some other type of job a the headquarters has "gone rogue" and does it behind the supervisor's backs.

    I think they do it to the people who make moderate to low sales because then the affiliates can't tell the difference between if it's the merchant or a low-converting or low-traffic site. What do you think?

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    I think most track sales just fine. And when they don't, most of the time it's not on purpose or somebody out to get you. That kind of thing would kill a program if it was ever to be found out. If anything a merchant would want to track every single sale and have happy affiliates because when that happens, the program gets pushed more by affiliates.

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    Some merchants don't track if a coupon code (which was not given or authorized to affiliates) is used. If there is a valid explanation to a reported problem from a merchant, it may not be a "tracking" issue. I doubt very few (almost none) who turns off tracking willingly?. Wouldn't CJ or any network lose money too??

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