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    Which Affiliate Network is best for an Advertiser?
    I have looked into joining a few affiliate networks to promote my site. However, many have high setup fees such as CJ. Is it worth this fee to join CJ?

    Also, in terms of effectiveness which network do you guys feel is best?

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    Welcome Skep. We should set up an auto responder to answer this one. We see this question every two weeks from a new member who perhaps has not searched the many threads here about networks. Try this one:

    Good luck with your decision. BTW, "Share a Sale!!"

    Join the Spicy Aprons Affiliate program on ShareASale Visit us on Facebook Follow us on Twitter @Spicyaprons

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    I see a post in the "Voting Booth" section of the forum, yet I see no poll to vote in...

    Do I want to see one? Naahhhhhh........ Why repeat what has already been said and voted for?!


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    Re: Which Affiliate Network is best for an Advertiser?
    Do some research. There are some smaller networks with lower startup costs. Of the larger networks... shareasale I think has very reasonable startup costs. CJ is the largest and does cost a pretty penny to get started with them. Also.. floppybank also has low startup costs for merchants.

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    No, it is NOT worth the setup or monthly fees to join CJ or LS.

    Before you launch an affiliate program, do your homework, and make sure you understand that the only effective way to make an affiliate program work for you is to have staff time allocated for active recruiting of affiliates (not spamming, not just passively relying on network affiliates to find you).

    You will almost certainly find that ShareASale is the best option you can choose for an affiliate network, though there are some other options that may be better for certain merchants/products/niches and marketing styles.

    For a helpful perspective, see affiliates' reactions when Cafe Press announced yesterday that it is moving its in-house affiliate program to CJ:

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