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    [SPAM] How many websites do we need?
    Hi adsense god and goddess,
    I have one question came up when I found an 'adsense site generator' site, 'how many websites do we need to build in order to be a successful adsense publisher? is it any correlation between numbers of websites we had and our adsense revenues ?'

    I've tried to make several 'websites' (40 website, in one hour) using this free 'adsense site generator' service (actually it is 'folders', cause I don't have any other domain / sites, so I put all this 'website' on my very own website as folders), and it seem work very well in SEO point of view (I think), last week I don't have any 'index page' by google and my site PR is 0 (it's obvious .. cause I only have one unfinished page on my site), now after 5 days my PageRank is 1 and I have 167 GIP 'index page' but still my GBL still '0' (I use to have this information), my single page 'homepage' still not finished until now.

    I want to put my site name here for you to review, but I think it would be againts the rules of this forum (if the moderator says it's ok so i will put it)

    Something good about this service are (adapted from site's FAQ) :

    - the generated site already loaded with our own adsense block, in the best place (one below the header and two inside the article block)
    - It's full of articles that are highly related with keyword we've choose during the site generating process (they have hundreds of thousand free articles)
    - generated site already equipped with google sitemap which is needed by google to crawl our website completely.
    - Our newly build sites will be linked to several high PR website
    - Etc. But the best part of this service, it's FREE and very FAST

    You can found this free service on : [removed] , if you think it would be any good, tyr it.

    But still I have those questions in my mind, is it really needed to have many websites to succeed?, if so how many sites?
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    Aw c'mon man. Go ahead and make it a link and be a real spammer.

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    Close enough for me. Banned!

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