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    There is no trust between these friends.
    Three turtles, Joe, Steve, and Poncho, decide to go on a picnic.
    Joe packs the picnic basket with cookies, bottled sodas, and sandwiches.
    The trouble is, the picnic site is 10 miles away, so the turtles take 10 whole days to get there.
    By the time they do arrive, everyone's whipped and hungry. Joe takes the stuff out of the basket, one by one.
    He takes out the sodas and realizes that they forgot to bring a bottle opener.
    Joe & Steve beg Poncho to turn back home and retrieve it,
    but Poncho flatly refuses, knowing that they'll eat everything by the time he gets back.

    Somehow, after about two hours, the turtles manage to convince Poncho to go,
    swearing on their great-grand turtles' graves that they won't touch the food. So, Poncho sets off down the road, slow and steady.
    Twenty days pass, but no Poncho. Joe and Steve are hungry and puzzled, but a promise is a promise.
    Another day passes, and still no Poncho, but a promise is a promise.
    After three more days pass without Poncho in sight, Steve starts getting restless.
    "I NEED FOOD!" he says with a hint of dementia in his voice.
    "NO!" Joe retorts. "We promised."

    Five more days pass. Joe realizes that Poncho probably skipped out to the Burger King down the road,
    so the two turtles weakly lift the lid, get a sandwich, and open their mouths to eat. But then, right at that instant, Poncho pops out behind a rock.
    "Just for that, I'm not going."
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    Very humorous! Good one! I like it! LOL
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