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    Be on the lookout for merchants who steal concepts from their top-performing affiliates and go out on the web directly. Like stealing designs from affiliate sites that rank high in the search engines, for instance.

    Affiliate merchants have inside knowledge of what you would normally consider highly confidential information, namely your sales volume and conversion rates. You don't blab that information all over because you don't want your high-performing web site analyzed and copied from ... to be used by your competition. But an unscrupulous merchant gets that info and can use it to their advantage to compete against you.

    So I'm saying one more benchmark affiliates should consider when selecting merchants to deal with is to take a look at the merchant's web presence to determine to what degree they are competing with their own affiliates.

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    I'm not convinced that I'd call it parasitic.

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    Maybe not parasitic, but definitely Not Nice.

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    Been there, had something like that happen.
    Not fun and not nice. Be careful what you say when schmoozing or your affiiate manager may be your next competitor.

    Connie Berg

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