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    Membership For Internet Marketers?
    I am looking around for a membership to become a part of. Somewhere that offers tutorials, techniques and a high level of support. I have collected a list of a few of the top ones and was wondering if the people here could give me some quality advice on the best one to use (from personal experience).

    here they are
    stompernet (seems a little expensive)

    It seems that the general consensus is the wealthyaffiliate and affilorama are the best, but if anyone has any input that would be very helpful.



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    My guess is that you can't learn a single thing on those sites that you can't learn here by taking time to search for topics and read the threads. There is some noise here as there is at any forum, but there are nearly 3/4 of a million posts here and all topics are covered, some are beat to death (sales pages vs content pages) but I honestly can't think of anything that you need to know to be successful that is not somewhere on this board.

    That being said, I met James Martell in Chicago last summer and he seemed like a nice, straight up guy who can communicate very well. Communication skills are important if you are going to pay for coaching. You need to be on the same page, be using the same terminology and fully understand each other. I have no idea what his methods are or how he will suggest that you proceed. If you sign on with him, tell him I sent you and maybe he'll buy me a drink in Miami

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    I wouldn't pay any of those sites. Its better to read here, and look at similar sites to what you want to do, and go from there.

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    AffiliateClassroom has good content and is worthwhile if you need a kickstart to get going. I am not familiar with the others. Scooter is right, you can learn everything you need right here at ABestWeb, that's what I did and many others also. But some folks need a structured environment to present information to them and then can branch out after some basic training.
    Deborah Carney

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    I agree with all the comments made above.

    However, if you are definately wanting/needing a structured step-by-step tutorial then I personally recommend the affiliateclassroom from the list you posted. But, everything you really need to know is located here within the threads.
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    The other thing to consider, and it helped me in my early years, is networking with merchants (and their affiliate managers) for whom you want to represent. They can be most helpful and are sincerely interested in your success.
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    I agree with everyone as well. That is the great thing about the Internet, almost all of the information is basically FREE! Forums, blogs, and articles are the way to go. One other source out there that is more interactive is webinars. You can find free ones. Although the live version is the best because you can ask questions, archived ones are beneficial.

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