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    Affiliate applications from people who don't know they've applied?
    Recently I've received some confused emails from people after they've gotten the auto-response from CJ that they've applied to one of our affiliate programs and must await approval. The confusion they have is that they never applied, have no site, and are not affiliates. For example, one person whose email was attached to an application waiting in the queue for our Dermacia affiliate program wrote
    Your product is fantastic - I just can't afford it, and I have no idea what program you're talking about! I have no site, believe me, I'm not that computer savvy!

    I asked this person if there's any way she may have given her email out to someone who might have filled out her application for her, or if someone may have used her email for their own application, or if this is a new email address,etc. (all of which she said were not possible). The only thing I can think of is that someone entered their email address incorrectly.

    Has this ever happened to anyone else? Confusing
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    I cant say exactly what you describe has happened to me/AvantLink (someone that does not own a web site contacting us confused).. but we have experienced something similar.

    When AvantLink opened for business we were seeing a near 50% fraud rate on applications. Stephanie, partly the same thing you described happened. People would contact us and ask why their application was being reviewed when they never applied.

    What we quickly realized is that would be scammers were using reputable sites in fraud applications to try to gain access to the network. Likely to affect fraud orders using a stolen credit card or something. They were even using the domain registration whois info in their apps so it took extra measures to authenticate apps. We still go to strict measures to authenticate all new apps b/c I am paranoid about how many fraudsters attempted to sneak in back then (and we still see them but the fraud rate on apps has dropped significantly).

    But since your confused people emailing you don't have sites I am not sure what's going on there. Seems a little curious though. Have you asked CJ? Seems like those email addresses, being linked to specific Affiliate accounts, could be investigated. Maybe what you are experiencing is something similar to what we saw, ie, people posing as someone they're not to access a network or aff program. Just a thought..

    Gary M

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    Any 2nd tier stuff at CJ anymore? Seems absurd, but maybe it's fake affiliate referrals for that $1 or whatever CJ offers for joins. Perhaps the referred affiliate has to apply to a program to qualify...? Those pay to read/click programs might try something as lame for a buck...
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    I've had the same thing for Panda Software run through CJ i.e. people saying they haven't applied to the program even though everything on the application checks out and there is no fraud through their account (in all instances the account was inactive and no clicks/impressions were being registered).

    I suspect [in some cases at least] is that what has happened is that the affiliate signed up for the program by mistake i.e. checked the wrong merchant in CJ when they were applying for programs.

    Very wierd though...
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    Definitely report these to the CJ fraud team. Whoever is fillout out those applications is probably up to no good.

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    I agree with Michael.

    I worked for an up and coming network a while back and you wouldn't believe the stuff people put in their accounts just to try to get approved. False sites, sites they don't own, bogus e-mail, etc.

    They just want to get approved and know that your system will try to see if the e-mail gets delivered. Probably they are just hoping that the people that receive the e-mail either filter it out with their SPAM or are just confused and ignore it.

    Once they get approved, they will be up to no good and you will have no valid information to call them.

    I guess that is one other suggestion is to call the phone number they have listed and see if you can get a live person that knows what you are talking about.

    Anyway, my bet...they are bad news.


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