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Thread: Is anyone doing much with Wireless companies?

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    Smile Is anyone doing much with Wireless companies?
    Hi Everyone

    Back in the UK our affiliate network is very strong for contract cell phones sales.

    I noticed quite a few companies in the US with affiliate programs at the moment and wondered if many ABW'rs are promoting in this area?

    It would be a natural move for us to try and engage some of the big brands in the US so if anyone has any good contacts in this area I'd appreciate it.

    Do many ABW'rs promote cell phones?

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    Hi Malcolm
    Something I've been searching for recently here. I have a few sites that have cell phone accessories and been thinking of including the cell phones. Had emails from sites in the past to join but never joined them (umm lol don't know why, just didn't seem to think at the time they were a good idea ) But.....since I've got the accessories....figure I'd give them a try. Only recently applied to a couple and don't even have them on my site yet.
    Seems from my searches made here A1, Cingular and Verizon seem to be about the only ones mentioned with not too much negative being said. There have been several comments about the visitors not qualifying for the monthly plans. (not sure if that would be referring to teens since they may not have much in the way of credit history?) Several have said the prepaid phones do better. So.....can't really say anything about how well they do with the members. I'm sure somebody else will be popping in here soon though to give ya an idea

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    I have two cell phone website full of useful content and I dont think they have any affiliate links. I have tried most of the ones here in the US and to be honest they stink. If you show me an affiliate program here in the US that isn't in the Parasite cesspool I will give you a brand new dollar bill.
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    I've had no success with it. It's not something people buy every day. Maybe once a year for active bleeding-edge people, and every 3-5 years for normal cell phone users. Most people seem to go to the stores, direct with the provider, or direct with a discounter. There's not a lot (that I've seen, anyway) that an affiliate can do to add value. I think number porting has opened it up somewhat, but it's still a tough field to crack.

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