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    Question How do I build a Landing Page?

    What if you'd like to try earning as an affiliate for the first time and you have little coding experience?

    What would be the best way to aquire a landing page that can send traffic to an affiliate link?

    Blogspot page, Wordpress page, Squidoo (or another Social Site), Template?

    Not so much interested in "This type of copy works best" with this question. Just the actual page creation.


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    You could use some of the blogging platforms you mentioned, as they provide templates. Wordpress provides a ton of them, and is probably the most popular blogging platform around. Six Apart's Typepad isn't bad either.

    If you want something other than templates, you could always purchase a copy of Dreamweaver or Microsoft Frontpage - which is a web page designer provided through a graphical user interface. It makes HTML coding much more easier than doing it by hand.

    Also, you could hire someone to create landing pages for you - involves putting out a little money to begin with. There are plenty of sites where you can solicit for design work. Now a days, getting design work done is much more inexpensive than it used to be.

    These are just some ideas off of the top of my head.

    edit: by the way, some affiliate networks also provide page generation tools (check out

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    Welcome aboard. It can be fun and maybe even profitable.

    There are some very nice free templates available. Just be aware that even to adjust/fine tune a free template you will need some understanding of coding. It would be a happen-stance if you found a free template that fit your product perfectly.
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    I am somewhat confused about the question. Your are asking how to build a landing page, yet you are referring to several blogging tools - even blogspot.

    A landing page is just a regular HTML page like any other page out there. There is nothing special in the HTML coding or programming of it.

    However what is different is the content. Usually a single landing page has very good specific information about ONE thing. And it is a good place of entry into your site esp. when people are looking to buy that one thing. If they can search for your product in Google, find it, click on it and it takes them exactly to the page they are looking for you have a good landing page - it is where they landing.

    So make sure everything on the page - title, all meta tags, content, related products, footer, etc. are all related to that one product.
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    What Patrick said.

    You don't acquire a landing page, you create it. Templates can make the layout easier, and can make a difference in conversion ratio--but the big "genie" is in the text you put on it. Good sales copy (sales content) will make sales, a bad pitch won't do so well or (if it really sucks) may not make any sales at all.

    For sales sites, I prefer regular HTML or PHP pages, not blogs.
    Dreamweaver's got some decent-looking templates you can modify.

    Wordpress page,
    Wordpress makes it super-easy to put a page up, but the problem with blogs is that older pages are auto-buried. This is no good if your best seller is something you put up a year prior--you'll want the ability to give those hot items better exposure, no matter how old they are. (On the other hand, the auto-burial is good for limited-time offers.) Also an automated feed on a blog looks spammier than the same stuff on a regular site. No problem if you're going to write a unique pitch for everything...but if you get the urge to promote a few thousand items, blogs don't seem to be too good of a platform for that.

    Be warned in any case, that you need your own domain to use WordPress--their own platform is commified (they don't allow blogs they host to do anything to make money)! That said, the software is great, just make sure you don't put your money sites on their hosting.

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    All great replies!


    BTW, By "aquire" I just meant downloading a template vs. coding

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    Golden Can seems to be a good way to display products if you are having trouble figuring out product feeds. Make a basic site, throw Golden Can up and send in some traffic. is a good place for beginners to learn about coding info.

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    Your host might also offer free software to design/create your pages using templates.

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    also if you are looking into content oriented site, look into content management systems such as Joomla, is a good resource.

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    Quote Originally Posted by The_Todd
    also if you are looking into content oriented site, look into content management systems such as Joomla, is a good resource.
    How is Joomla for ease of use/creation and security?
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    wordpress and joomla
    I have used Dreamweaver templates to make a site. I have also used Wordpress and Joomla.

    Wordpress is very easy and there are many great templates available. If you don't want your posts to disappear, you can install plugins to make posts from your archive to show on your side bar. You can also make 'pages' You could add links to pages in posts or you could put pages in a hierarchy.

    If you find Wordpress too limiting then Joomla is great. There are a lot of plugins for the old version. The newest is still in beta. Joomla is very flexible and has great features for menu creation. It isn't as easy to use or set up as WordPress, but there isn't much of a learning curve. It takes a few more steps to set up but since you have custom menus, you'll never have your articles (posts) disappear unless you want them to!

    Both Wordpress and Joomla have graphic menus.
    Wordpress is a great blog, joomla isn't
    Wordpress isn't great for a large site, Joomla is.

    The problem with using Dreamweaver or other HTML editing program is that your site is not dynamic. You can spend many hours looking for php apps to integrate and javascript menus etc. (Believe me I went through that), but if you want to make a simple change to your layout, you have to reupload every changed file to your server. No problem for a small site.... huge problem for a large site.

    With WordPress, Joomla, or other CMS, you don't have to waste all that time for PHP & Javascript because most things are already built-in or in easy to install plugins/modules, so you don't have to reinvent the wheel!

    The only advantage I know of for Dreamweaver made apps over CMS is that most CMS don't allow you to add javascript code in posts. Joomla has their 'wrapper' for IFRAMES for external pages with Javascript and PHP, but WordPress doesn't. There are 2 plugins for Wordpress that say they allow IFRAMES, but they don't work for me.

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    Just to throw in some other alternatives, there are a lot of services out there with very easy GUI drag and drop interfaces for making pages. Here's a short list:


    At the very minimum though, do get a domain name and point it at your page if you choose to use one of these services.
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