Lets say Morpheus is an affliate of MerchantX.
A user can download whatever shopping thing they have and if they go straight to MerchantX site, then whatever the shopping thing does, pop-up, blink, thats ok. But if a visitor goes to my site, nothing should happen at all. Something popping up or blinking because something on my site triggers something(because the visitor to my site has downloaded something from Morpheus or some other program), is parasitic. Its popping or blinking because of content on my site, feeding off my content. If my site visitor clicks on any of my links and goes to a merchant, i should get full credit. So i think its ok for popping or blinking things to happen if someone chooses to download something, then goes straight to a merchants site by way of typing it straight into the browser. If someone is on my site, there should be NOTHING MOVING, NO ACTION AT ALL, no popping up, no blinking. The Linkshare deal as i understand it allows this, so it is no good. I'm half asleep, 5AM, so i hope you can follow what i'm saying. This way Morpheus(who should have been dropped by the networks the first time they stole, as the violated the TOS)can still have the millions of people they have, with the downloaded shopping thing, get rewards. But only by going straight to a participating merchants site, NOT by way of my site. Hopefully what i'm thinking is translating to what i'm typing, but i've learned in the past not to do things when i'm have asleep.

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