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    Hello All

    Currently Living in Thailand I've been involved in networking with people from all over the world. Previously the best place for such networking in Thailand was sukhumvit but this isn't the case anymore. I've had the pleasure of meeting most of my new connections in the Banglampoo area currently known as the backpackers haven. The truth is it's no longer just a backpacker haven but people from all over the world from all social classes are arriving here. I've had the pleasure to meet recruitment agency business management who have offered me work in the United Kingdom to business headhunters from London. For What ever reason these people have been interesting and very helpful in my quest for improving the future for myself and giving others the opportunity to be involded in affiliate marketing. If your interested in leaving your profile on such agencies also stating your sites address for your own networking and marketing benefits please give me a call or PM me on the forum.

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    please understand that PM privileges in this forum come from a history of involvement.

    more here:

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    I plan to go to Thailand this April. I will definitely check out Banglampoo area - thanks for the info. I think you cannot read the Private messaging at the moment as this usually requires a number of posts.

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