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    Creating Links
    Since I have not been able to view product links I was wondering if it would be possible for me to "modify" a keyword link to link to a particular product instead of the homepage of the advertiser.

    I currently am trying to get my blog up and running, it's still in it's infancy so it's not seeing a whole ton of traffic yet (working on that as we speak). However I'm also trying to integrate product links into my blog posts. For example when I wrote my article on HDMI cables, I want to have that keyword (HDMI Cable) link to an advertiser's specific site about buying an HDMI cable. Not their main page.

    I currently am doing this trick with Amazon, but I've come to the conclusion that the amazon affiliate program kinda sucks and I switched to CJ instead because of better commissions, work directly with vendors, and the cookies don't expire so quickly.

    ( )

    Can I do this? Or is it going to be against the rules if I do modify the links?

    Thanks for any input!

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    Hey, the technical people at my office ( have been changing the links of the adds on our site so they go to specific pages of the affiliate website. It seems to work- but you have to be careful not to change your identification details. You can also email the affiliate directly and tell him how to make links to specific pages, they usually answer and are happy to assist.
    Good Luck

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