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    B2B Sales Tracking Dilemma!
    Iím talking with a B2B service provider about sending new clients their way. One problem: The nature of this type of service is that prospects must be closed offline. Without either picking up the phone & calling (i.e. bothering) the prospects to see if they signed a contract or alternatively, putting blind trust in the merchant, how would one possibly go about tracking this? Pay-per-lead would be preferable but unfortunately this arrangement requires pay-per-sale. Any ideas?

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    It all comes down to how much you trust the service provider. If you do there are several options:
    1. Set up a dedicated phone line whose number shows on their site for all your traffic instead of the general number.
    2. Have them set a priority type code on the site for traffic yousend them.
    3. Set up an entirley different site for your traffic to them

    In all cases, it will only work if you trust them.

    Good Luck,

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    My thoughts on this involve there being a mutual CRM between the merchant and the affiliate, where the affiliate can see the progress of deals they sent along, without being given sensitive customer data. I know of one program that runs this way, that I'm personally involved with, that will hopefully will be "live" live soon. Some work is still being done on the website, it would appear.
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