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    fun value your website tool (fun means inaccurate, but interesting) -- dnscoop
    tool looks at lots of factors to try and determine a site's intrinsic value:

    i came across it here, with a very good intro and banter about it:

    remember, one man's trash is another's treasure (it ignores how you monetize your site, a big mistake for affiliate activity, cuz that's what we do!).

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    U wish U knew
    My Site is worth

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    It says Google is worth $1.39 billion. That sounds like a steal to me. It says ABW is worth $122,550, no doubt very low, but this is a good all-in-one tool to give stats and at least a uniform way to put a figure on a given site. Nice!

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    Really seems to weight everything on in-bound links. On a site where I have The total number of pages that contain links to _____ 341,163 - it values the site at over 1/2 million, where my other sites which have better pr, pages indexed, traffic and are older, have few pages - 41,155 - it values the site at $118,104.

    I know it is just for fun, but odd that they put so much value on the inbound links.

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    Hey Connie, wanna sell me flamingoworld for $58,520?

    (If she will then dnscoop is terrific. If she won't then it's a piece of junk.)

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    A minute ago, I got this: No matches Google results url (Be careful, your site is not listed on google...)

    Check again. Now it says: matches Google results url (ok). This Pagerank is valid!

    It is funny.

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    Fun tool. But fairly inaccurate. I have a site ranking #5 on a Google search of a well used household term relating to my site content - value of $610.

    Then, another site that has a precious dmoz listing but is for the most part worthless in every way but I keep it only because it is a kids site and I don't want some porn-pusher taking over the domain - value of $2,875.

    It puts too much value in PR. PR matters very little these days.
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    It put a value of 45,000 on a site I have been trying to sell for months. (for $300)

    So I put their 'my site is worth xx,xxx banner on the homepage.

    now I just have to sit back and watch the big offers roll in, yeah....right.

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    It told me my site was an eyesore worth -20,132.00 and I should not pass go, not collect 200.00 and go directly to jail.

    Actually, I'd sell any one of my sites for 50% of what it valued them at. I should have a fire sale.

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    mines was over 150,000 yay

    anyone wana give me a billion for it?

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