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    Hi Everyone

    We just updated our technology page at the US site and I thought it was worth a post here with the text from it. develops all its own technology and has brought quite a few firsts to the industry enabling more advertisers and affiliates to connect as a result.

    We are also well known for bespoking technologies where new solutions are needed.


    Industry Leading Technology That Delivers Results

    One of the primary reasons leading online brands turn to to manage their affiliate marketing campaigns is for our industry proven technologies and solutions. Continuous innovation for the last five years means that has the most flexible and robust technology in the affiliate marketplace today. Our clients can choose from a wide selection of existing products or work directly with our highly-skilled technologists to engineer a completely unique solution to power their campaign. offers the widest range of tracking solutions in the market…

    Pixel tracking
    Pixel tracking utilizes a transparent image on the page following a successful transaction on the Merchants' site. Sales data is passed into the URL of the image. The image is served from the same server that previously set a cookie so our server can deduce the correct Affiliate to allocate the commission to. This is the traditional way that most Affiliate transactions are tracked. It is quick and simple to install. Many E-commerce platforms have functionality built-in to allow pixel-based Affiliate tracking to be easily added.

    Server 2 Server (s2s) tracking
    s2s offers a cutting edge and reliable communication technology for our clients. s2s has been designed to be completely invisible with all the details of our clients' transactions communicated directly to us from their sever to our own, not via the html of the page. Clients benefit from faster reporting when compared to batch reporting. It also reports in near real-time. For clients with security policies in place preventing the use of traditional pixel tracking, s2s offers a more robust solution for the transfer of valuable sales data. s2s offers a cutting edge and reliable communication technology for our clients.

    Batch tracking
    Batch tracking pulls all the transactions together, typically for a day, week, or month, and sends them via FTP or email. We can integrate batch transaction in cases where Merchants don't want to use Pixel or s2s transactions for technical/business reasons

    …enhanced by our market-leading innovations we can customize especially for you…

    ProfitPlus is a sales description technology that allows the individual items which make up a transaction to be tracked. This solution is ideal for those Merchants wanting to apply differential commissions to a variety of items. Commission levels can be set on the profit margin on the item being sold. The differential commissions can be founded on several factors including the category of an item, the product code, or the brand.

    With BasketData, Merchants can see exactly what makes up the transactions driven by their Affiliates. It provides an exceptional analytical tool, enabling Merchants to evaluate the basket makeup of their Affiliate campaign against their other sales channels. For Affiliates, the BasketData solution allows them to gauge the effectiveness of the campaigns they are currently promoting.

    FlexTrack is’s proprietary adaptable tracking solution. It can be applied to a broad range of tracking needs both online and offline. FlexTrack technology drives our CPA-based cost per call solution and our online solution for many retailers. FlexTrack is valuable for clients who can't take 3rd party code and work with sites that need to be able to track back to the click level. Ultimately, clients benefit from increasing their reach and volume with this solution.

    …innovative promotional technologies mean more sales and more efficient, happier affiliates…

    NEW ContentEngine and HeadlineOffers's ContentEngine is a simple way of including up-to-date, dynamic product content on an Affiliate's website. The product content is automatically updated when any product changes, thereby replacing any need to work directly with product data feeds. This application also allows all aspects of the units to be tailored simply by the Affiliate including size, layout, colors, programs etc. At its simplest, there is just one line of code which needs to be added to the page. They can be delivered through JavaScript, XML, and server side languages such as php, enabling SEO efforts to be maximized. The code is easy to edit, meaning Affiliates don't have to return to their management area to edit their content unit specifications.

    ContentEngine also includes HeadlineOffers, a feature designed to promote a Merchant's top offers - whether they are sale items, top sellers, or seasonal merchandize. This feature permits Merchants to integrate their Affiliate campaigns inline with their sales and merchandizing strategies. For Affiliates, HeadlineOffers allows them to specify that they receive products that they know will generate the highest sales and in turn, the largest commission earning opportunities for them.


    Often, when an Affiliate drives a customer to a Merchant's site via one of their product's links, the visitor will buy an alternative product from the Merchant's product range. Although the Affiliate drove the traffic to the Merchant's site, they won't receive a commission as it wasn't the program they were originally promoting.

    With ProgramTwinning, Merchants can join one or more programs together. Ultimately, this means that Affiliates will be rewarded for driving a sale for program A, even though they drove the traffic through a link for program B. ProgramTwinning has successfully been integrated into a number of's client campaigns to encourage Affiliates to sign up to and promote a program.

    RSS was the first affiliate network to adopt RSS as a method of disseminating information to Affiliates. Affiliates choose to receive news by RSS via an RSS reader. News content through a RSS feed automatically includes items on programs they are currently signed up to. The average Affiliate's inbox receives a lot of communication about networks and Affiliate programs. RSS has proven to be an excellent method to cut through the noise of multiple affiliate network communications and get a promotional message across. RSS gives the Affiliate the opportunity to add filters to their reader, meaning they only receive relevant news content.

    …all easily managed through the industry's most dynamic and easy-to-use campaign management system…

    Management Area V3.0
    The management area provides clients with an at-a-glance, intelligent reporting on their sales. In the latest version, launched in March 2007, the management area features downloadable and savable reports, sub accounts allowing clients to set up a number of users with customizable permission levels, and web services. MA V3.0 provides a wealth of real time data to Merchants and Agencies, allowing them to access programme and affiliate performance as well as assist in increasing brand awareness, through its intuitive Creative Management System. For affiliates it allows similar access to greater amounts of real time data that allows them to more effectively manage activity.

    If anyone has any questions about our technologies then let me know


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    Having had an affiliate account with for many years, I will agree that the technology is amongst the very best out there. has developed so fast in such a short period of time.

    Great to chat to you Mal and good luck on your American thrust

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    Hiya mate

    Great chatting with you to as always. Its amazing how many hours we have all put in on this journey the last 5 years :-)

    I'm still very hungry and I need my favourite food - brontisaurus network steaks lol

    Something tells me ill be eating quite a few of those over the next year as we take some big bites of market share :-))

    Malcolm Cowley's affiliate network

    Ticketmaster has Beta launched their affiliate program with - be one of the first to join now!

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