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    January 17th, 2005
    This is getting to be really wrong all.

    Please read if you must and if you read it all and feel like you are angry
    or I offended anyone. I am appogizing now!

    Here it is...

    It doesn't take a smart person or dump one, educated or uneducated, professional or not,
    maybe even retarted to know that this spyware or what ever they are that is
    sitting in the background just waiting to take "OUR (affilliates)" commission.
    is VERY VERY VERY WRONG and the unfairness they provide is not even human!
    It’s your mind, your heart and your gut feeling saying it’s WRONG!!!!!

    They belong in the jungle where they eat each other alive.

    The lazy ummmmmmmm people that sitting in the background taking my Ummmmmmmmmm money.

    Will have to live without soul and the history they are going to leave is gonna carry on Shamelessly . That’s the kind of story they are going to tell their grandchildren that they are thieves and the family will carry the name The Thieves....

    The Thieves , they should go move and join terrorist, Because they are in the same level.

    I have been here on this board for two months and seen so many wasted time
    and effort to correct this...

    what would it take to WAKE UP everyone????

    When I got in to this business, I read terms and aggrement.
    I follow all the rules and regulations that is given to me.

    And no where there I seen that there is a third party I have to deal with to share my commission.
    And on top of that I am not sharing I am being ROBBED!!!

    It really makes my blood boil and I be damn that no one see the Big Picture on this problem.

    What is wrong with this picture? The "BIG PICTURE" and i am not assuming
    I am feeling right to my gut that there is a big picture that is blank to
    the Affiliates eyes!

    We own a website that we worked hard ! And yes we work hard.

    I have never In my life been treated so badly and treated as Stupid person that don’t have a sence or reality.
    And I am not alone on this category! (which it’s really sad)

    The finger pointing , the accussation, the name calling, the foul words.

    Sure makes me feel very very Oh my God...

    Just to think that few member here are really doing something are gonna go away and the rest of you that don’t do anything but yak yak yak, nag , nag . will be left out.

    All I can say to those that are taking advantage of my hard work and my Money.
    (Yes you the “theif” who ever you are and you know who you are ) People like you I have dealt with before. and I seen them go down. (in a legal way)

    Not with treats , not with I do this and do that.
    It’s because what comes around, goes around!


    And you are letting them . Why do we have to have this meeting? Why do we have to deal with them? Why negotition? Why How hard it is to get rid of them on the freaking computer?
    It’s a program. I am not a programmer! But geez!

    Why should I let them have a traffic from my SITE???? DUHHHHHHHHH

    Everyone is asking what kind a solution , some say there is no easy solution?
    Pls. I am shock!


    Our site are being use for them. This is making me laugh on how people can really be blind on allot of things.
    I amaze on the things I have seen here!

    Haiko Thank for you effort. But this is not gonna go anywhere and I know that nothing is gonna make sense.
    Because I can look at it in all the angles, and still see it’s wrong and this shouldn’t even be a question or answer.

    Teach them how to really work and not use their knowledge on technology goes to waste and stop ripping people off!

    I would like to have the knowledge they know right now.
    I be so proud and use what they know in the right direction.

    They are bad news. Because if this meeting happens, we can all just say
    “hey have my site you can have it and take my commission too! It’s free for you
    I take care of the work , payment and other expenses and you take my money". you know Duh me!

    Amazing! Retarted person will rebel!

    Like Forrest Gump says “Stupid is , Stupid does”.

    On that note I will hope that people will make something out of it.
    Rather than posting some wasted time.

    Go on I will check on what you say. And laugh if you are being sarcastic.
    Because you are gonna be the one left behind feeding all scums.

    To those that doing something about this in the right direction I applaud your effort and success will be yours.

    I have never been sooooooooooo amaze like this in my life...

    They are just the luckiest thieves in earth right now! That I know...

    I hope they sleep good, because the effort that Affilliates( that doing something!) are doing will give em nightmares!

    if I was granted a wish, I wish (if they are male/s) to shrink the you know what!

    Goodnight all....

    Love Life to the fullest. we only get ONE chance! :-)

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    Welcome aboard my campaign train to wipe out all "incent" DuperAffiliates and the parasite thieves. I've been trying to get this point across to the networks for years. The will crumble under the nest of dishonest merchant practices if they build their foundations on the shifting sands of devious minds.

    So the ebiz plan of the parasitic Affiliate Applications and Dupers is simple.

    1. steal traffic from any URL linked source
    2. Offer some FREEBEE service or "incent" deal like a promised reward -prizes -lotto chance -active coupon -rebate under the guise of loyality shopping to endusers.
    3. Monitize all diverted traffic with affiliate enabled merchants to earn commissions. All merchants are fair game from those selling products to leads.
    4. Abuse advertisers by beating them at their own game without paying a dime for advertising yourself.

    Real slick these guys as they dupe even the networks for the free recruiting function. Affiliates join the programs like eBates and Gator only to cut their own throats for a dime on a dollar profit.

    I await the day when the big three networks finally listen to me and kick all "incent" and lead merchants out of their merchant pool. None of them sell products!!! These guys belong on the 2nd tier third world networks only. The "Pay per performance" industry has to seperate into 2 camps. The pure play advertisers and all "incent" programs need to go to a CPC or lead network. Those merchants who actually collect money and deliver products or a service to consumers need to be on their own network.

    Affiliates who want to play the lead -CPC game get a choice and those who want to showcase product sales get another. Network compliance efforts are then fine tuned to service each type. Anything short of this bold move means money wins out over ethics.

    WebMaster Mike

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