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    merchant needs programmer to set up unique URL
    We are starting a campaign with a network that needs me to provide a "Unique URL", so that they in turn can provide a tracking pixel that I place in my confirmation page.

    Here are the instructions they provided:


    Instructions for Pixel Setup

    Provide a Unique URL

    What to embed in the URL:

    Provide a variable for publisher id

    Provide a variable to pre-populate first name, last name, and email address (if applicable).

    Example of a typical URL:<pubid>=< >&<fname>=<>&<lname>=<>&<email>=<>

    Once you have provided the URL, you will receive a pixel to place on your confirmation page.

    We have no programming experience in-house.

    The network running the program tried explaining it to me,
    but I still don't get it. They told me I should get a programmer's help.

    Willing to hire for flat fee or per hr to get this going, as this
    is greek to me. Or perhaps there is a thread that explains this
    in plain english...I have searched Google & ABW forums, but
    can't find anything that specifically explains how to write the
    unique URL.

    I have a landing page URL, but I don't want to post that here w/o
    permission. Is the URL they want derived from the landing page?


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    I see that you did not receive a response to your inquiry. If you still need assistance with this just let me know.
    Ray Thomas
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    ABW Board Category: Programming / Coding

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    Thank you Ray.
    I think I got this figured out, and we will be testing it soon.
    If I run into a problem, I will take you up on your offer to help.
    I really appreciate it.

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