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    Google Search Numbers Up Again
    "According to Nielsen//NetRatings, 55.8% of searches were done on Google last month, a gain of 7.3 percentage points over last year. Meanwhile, comScore attributes 48.1% share to Google, a 5.9-point change from February 2006.

    For Yahoo, Nielsen//NetRatings pegs its share at 20.7%, a 1.8-point loss; while comScore shows 28.1%, a 0.6-point year-to-year gain.

    Microsoft comes in third, with 9.6% share, down 1.1 points, according to Nielsen//NetRatings; and 10.5% share according to comScore, a 2.9-point decline over February 2006."

    I wish the other 2 would get it together, give them some competition.

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    I'd have expected Y to do better. From a searcher's perspective, I don't see enough difference between them to warrant that big gap.

    Plus, Y has less S.P.A.M.s, so they deserve to have more searches
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    Quote Originally Posted by Leader
    I don't see enough difference between them to warrant that big gap.
    Just my opinion, I think it has to do with size/speed of the initial page load. IT administrators loved Google back in the day when bandwidth was expensive and people at home had 56k. It stuck.

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    Yes, speed is an issue here. The faster the search engine and the better the results the better. I would also like to see more competition from MSN and Yahoo, come one get your act together and get competing more with Google.

    Google now thinks they own the Internet.
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