Anybody affiliated with them? Here's the story. I reserved a couple of hotel rooms through my own links and commish never showed up. I email them to ask. After the 4th email and nearly 3 months, I finally get a reply saying that I must have clicked on an advertisement. Thus no commission.

Now I'm no dummy. I know that clicking an ad will take me to someone else's site. So obviously I didn't do that. I wrote him a nice email back detailing the steps I took in making the reservations. No reply. A week later I send a 2nd email, and get a reply saying the same things as before (that I must have clicked a ad, I wonder if he even read my reply).

If any of you are bored and have a few mins to spare, here's what he's saying. He's saying that my hotel reservations were booked via and thus no commission. He is correct. However if you go to the website, you'll see 2 very prominent links for hotels. Clicking on either of these links will ultimately result in a booking via So I contend that I simply clicked on the 'hotel' links from his homepage and that obviously is not an ad. Therefore, why no commish?

To make matters worse, this is the only way to reserve hotel rooms from their main page. Since they all result in a booking with, that probably means lots of lost commissions. Yaay gettin screwed again .. should be used to this by now.

I know Todd's not around but is there anything he can do about this?

Sal @