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    March 21st, 2007
    new to linkshare
    so my only problem is i don't know what form to fill??
    there are 5 forms, I am from Croatia, and by now i got my money through checks, and want to go on with it.
    so can you help me?
    thank you

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    Since you are considered a foreign affiliate, you must complete the W-8 tax forms which is the forms that apply to foreign affiliates. If you have questions about the W-8 tax form, there is information at


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    March 21st, 2007
    thank you, but i've read this several times and still can't understand enough to fill a form, so again if you could be a little more help, i didn't have to fill no tay forms before,i was only payed by checks, which of these forms is most similar to that? all of them are talking about some tax methods.

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