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    Datafeed how?
    I'm a merchant and am trying to add a datafeed for my program. How do I do this? Manually by editting a text file, or is there a tool that can help?

    Also, for Shareasale, to create a feed do I just enter all of my various products?

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    Yes. Everything you said will work.

    But it is a wide open question. The best way would be to find out how to get your catalog of products down into a text file. Any format. The use a product like excel to massage it into what ShareASale needs.
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    I think I saw one of you other posts and you said you have a web hosting company. Datafeeds are usually for merchants that have hundreds, or thousands, of products. The datafeeds are used to build product showcases. Here's an example, it's one of the programs here and this is only a demo site (not an affiliate link)

    Is this what you are looking to do?

    There are some merchants on SaS who have 1 or 10 products in a datafeed. I guess you could use them to build product pages or display showcases, or make-a-page.

    If so, there is a section in the SaS interface that explains the format for the datafeed. It's in the help center (upper right).

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